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Whenever you are involved in an accident, your vehicle has to be taken for repair. During this time, you are not sure whether your insurance policy cover will provide a courtesy car or whether you will have to opt for public transport. If your policy provides for a courtesy car, here are some of the crucial factors to consider before you seek the services of a courtesy car hire company:

Policy details

There is no standard insurance policy provision. They are different from one insurance company to another. Always read the terms and conditions that your insurer gives you. It is good to know the provisions of those terms to avoid surprises. Ensure that the courtesy car they are giving you matches with the policy details provided in the contract. It is a breach of contract if they don’t match, and you would be entitled to an indemnity.

Right cover

It is always best to choose cover that is suitable for you. You need to research the exact kind of courtesy car that will be provided for you, and decide whether its size and features are suitable for your needs. This will help you avoid any confrontations between you and your insurer. Moreover, you should educate yourself on the types of cover that are available: don’t choose blindly without proper information.

Industrial standard

The Association of Australian Insurers has policy guidelines that provide for courtesy cars. The regulations are designed to protect the consumer and give them rights, or restrict them in some events. Always be conversant with these regulations before accepting a courtesy car. It will help you know where you stand and enable you to make informed decisions after an accident.

Mixed experiences

Perhaps you have been involved in an accident in the past, and you are fully aware what a courtesy car entails. This will help you make an informed decision on whether you would want to keep on using their services or not. If it is your first accident, always ask other consumers about their experiences and the quality of service they were afforded when they were involved in a crash. This is very crucial to you as a consumer.

No one wishes to be involved in a car accident, but accidents are bound to happen. Sometimes you are at fault sometimes you are not: the important thing is to have the right information about what you should do afterwards.