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Car accidents occur at an alarming rate. It is estimated that 40,000 people die in car accidents yearly, with causes ranging from minor to fatal crashes. It is essential for any aspiring and experienced car driver to know some of the mistakes which most often lead to an accident. Below are the four main stupid mistakes people make when driving.

Driving under the influence

One of the most dangerous decisions any person can make is drinking and driving. According to recent road accident statistics, up to 9,878 fatal car accidents were as a result of drunk drivers. It is also estimated that a person dies from an alcohol-related crash every hour, especially on weekends. This is why it’s important to seek the services of a company which specialises in accident replacement vehicles: it is so easy to become involved in a drink-related crash, even if it is a ‘not my fault’ accident.

Distracted driving

Driving comes with huge responsibility. Distracted driving includes things such as operating a car while talking on the phone, eating food, writing a note, or putting on some makeup. Anything that you are doing when driving that does not help you to operate your car tends to lead to distracted driving. It is advisable for any car driver to mute their phone while driving and hide things that can distract their attention.


Speeding is another primary cause of fatal road accidents. Most motorists are known to drive above the speed limit, especially when late. It is a behavior that increases the chances of losing car control and getting into an accident. The faster your car travels, the longer it will take to halt when you encounter an obstacle.

Reckless driving

Tailgating other drivers, speeding, ignoring road signs and changing lanes without looking are signs of reckless driving that can quickly lead to an accident. Reckless driving is an illegal habit that is among the leading causes of road accidents.

Although it might be impossible to do away with car accident risks, there are several things you can do to help reduce accidents. One good step towards increasing road safety is practicing safe driving habits and encouraging other drivers to do the same.