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For the majority of people, it’s an absolute essential. This might be because it is used when driving to or from work, or is used as part of the work itself. Then there may be kids to be ferried to or from school, or to their sporting and other interests. Many people need to visit elderly parents or other relatives, on a regular basis, to check on their well-being. Repeated tasks, such as the weekly shopping trip, can also form a regular part of their vehicle use.

So what happens when your vehicle suddenly isn’t available?

This can be for a variety of reasons, from an accident to a breakdown. If your vehicle is heading to a repair shop, then you might have to rely on the good nature of friends or work colleagues to get you to where you need to be. Another action can be to hire a car, but this is often expensive.

However, there is good news after a not your fault accident

In this unfortunate occurrence, some people again make an immediate decision to go for a rental, hoping they can claim the cost back at a later stage. This can be problematic.

The good news, in such an unhappy situation, is that if the accident was not your fault, then Australian Law means that you are entitled to an accident replacement car while yours is being fixed.

Even better news about this courtesy replacement vehicle

Two further points help you to carry on as normally as possible in such a situation. Firstly, the vehicle should be comparable to your own. In other words, not replacing a large family car with a small run-around.

Secondly, we can arrange delivery of this replacement vehicle to the repair shop where you are taking your own car – or your home or workplace. Then you can arrange for us to have it collected from the repairer when you pick up your own car after the repairs are complete.

Actions to take after a not your fault accident

Our experienced and helpful Not My Fault team are ready to get to work on your behalf as soon as you can safely call us after the accident. So, please make sure you have our contact number with you whenever you are on the road. It is 1800699034.