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With the current lockdown situation easing, it may be that even more people than usual decide to get some exercise, perhaps by biking to work. This might mean that there are more inexperienced cyclists around – or at least ones not used to much in the way of traffic. Here are a few key questions to ask yourself, to help assess how well you cope with those on just two wheels (and no engine)…

# Do you indicate in good time when cyclists are around? For example, if you are turning left at traffic lights, failing to signal might mean a cyclist pulls in beside you on the inside – and then moves off when the lights change.

# Do you make an extra check for cyclists when pulling off from being parked or pull out of a side street? Often, particularly in poor weather conditions, cyclists can be virtually invisible unless special care is taken to look out for them.

# Do you provide extra space when passing people riding bikes? Cyclists, especially those who don’t use a bike regularly, can wobble for no apparent reason. Equally, if a rider suddenly spots a pothole or debris on the road in front of them, they can swerve slightly before even having had time to think about it. One cycling expert suggested being passed by a car at speed is like standing close to the edge of a railway platform when a non-stop express train passes through.

# Do you give cyclists a head start when traffic lights change? It can be easy to be a bit unsteady when restarting – and the problem can be increased if two cyclists are sitting together waiting to move off.

# Do you suddenly sound your horn? This can be an attempt to be helpful, perhaps to let a cyclist know it’s okay to proceed. But it can also be instantly-alarming and lead to unnecessary, and often dangerous, panic setting in.

If you are the victim of a not-my-fault accident

Whether involving a cyclist or not, even careful drivers can be innocent parties in a motor accident. If this happens to you, and your vehicle is headed for a repair shop for a while, then call us on 1800699034. Under Australian Law, you are entitled to a replacement courtesy car after not-your-fault accidents. One call to our team and we can quickly set to work on your behalf to make sure you can stay on the road even if your own vehicle can’t!