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Sometimes it can be impossible to avoid a road accident, no matter how cautious you are, because the collision just might not be your fault. When choosing repair parts it is important that you carefully consider what replacement parts you want to be used in your car. Original equipment (OE) might be your best option, take a look at some reasons why:


Both OE and non–OE collision parts can work just fine. In fact, it may be difficult to distinguish them before assembly because they look quite the same. However, a problem might be noticed later on upon installation. Non-OE spare parts tend to leave invisible gaps, especially on body panels, which will not only depreciate your car value but may also damage your vehicle in the long run. It is better to insist on getting original spare parts as they are designed to fit uniformly and properly in your car.


After an accident, you may find the thought of driving again worrying. Your safety needs to be guaranteed, especially when you have been involved in a not at fault car accident. New spare parts will ensure your safety on the road, as their installation fits perfectly with the whole system of the car.

Resale or Trade-in Value

Maintaining your car value is important. In future, you may want to resell or trade-in your car and by using new replacement parts you can often ask for more money. New parts suggest that the car is in better condition, so buyers will put more trust in the performance of your vehicle.


The finish is the general appearence of the car after repair. This is usually concluded by the paint job. The perfect finish will depend on the replacement parts that you used. If you want your car to look exactly as or even better than it looked, it is always advisable to use new spare parts.

Being involved in an accident is not something that you may anticipate. In the long run, new replacement parts will guarantee performance, durability, safety and good appearance.