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You’ll have your own definition of what constitutes a long journey. But let’s focus on the fact that you might be heading to a place you’ve never visited before – or perhaps haven’t for a substantial period of time. Here are some specific tips offered by experts for such situations…

+ Take a map with you

This isn’t as obvious as it sounds. Many drivers nowadays will simply rely on a satnav. Then, if it malfunctions for any reason, even just a no-signal situation, you can be thoroughly lost in no time. And, it’s not unknown for drivers to plan using a map – and then leave it on the kitchen table!

+ Leave earlier than you think you need to

It’s always easy to underestimate actual journey times, partly because you may have a route to follow but you don’t always know what’s happening on it. There may be diversions or delays, traffic in certain parts may be heavier than anticipated. If it’s a business trip then time pressure can cause drivers, especially in strange areas, to make errors they never normally would.

+ Check the weather forecast right along your planned route

Leaving in sunshine and knowing you destination is enjoying the same weather makes it easy to assume that this is true for the whole journey.

+ Plan entertainment to avoid boredom

This can be for any kids you have as passengers, otherwise they can quickly become a distraction – as in their asking ‘Are we there yet?’ for the 47th time! If you are alone, or perhaps just two of you, then think about music, audio books, podcasts, or the like to help keep the journey interesting and therefore also keeping you more alert.

+ Take breaks and drink water

Both help you stay alert and are better than keeping going and simply filling yourself with a mixture of energy drinks and caffeine. It’s also useful to know where you’ll be able to ’empty yourself’!

A Not My Fault accident can happen on long journeys

Away from home, this can be even more traumatic, suddenly knowing your own vehicle is headed for a repair shop. Remember, if you are the victim of another driver’s error, under Australian Law you are entitled to a replacement courtesy car. Keep our number with you at all times – 1800699034. Our experienced Not My fault team are waiting to help…