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We know that, in general, driving too close to a vehicle in front, whether at good speed on a busy road, or right behind them in slow-moving queues, is to be avoided. However, understanding what is too close is not always an exact science. Here are three behaviours from drivers you might be following that should be given a wider berth than normal…

The brake basher

This is the person in front of you who you have spotted tends to brake both late and severely. There is a further behaviour that can easily cause an accident. This is when a driver thinks they are being tailgated and slams their brakes on to ‘give that fool behind a shock’. However daft and dangerous such behaviour is, staying well back is the best deterrent to take.

The sudden swerver

A driver in front who is not paying attention is a danger to you. Recognise the signs: this person swerves to avoid a hazard they should have spotted in good time. Not only is their initial action a poor choice, but it’s also likely that they might over-compensate when they then attempt to return to their original driving lane. It’s wise to stay well back, even if they appear to be driving in a different lane than you are on major roads.

The lane leaper

This is the driving version of a person who tries to jump queues in shops and other locations! The previous fault was a late reaction response, this is a deliberate behaviour – often accompanied by lack of signalling or other vehicle awareness. It’s a ‘spot a gap and jump in there’ behaviour. Depending on the road width, this might involve crossing multiple lanes. It’s equally dangerous when entering a main road from a side street in this way. It’s important to keep a watch for such possibilities.

If you are caught in a not your fault accident, get in touch!

However careful a driver you are, accidents can happen to you. When you are not at fault, and if your car is repair shop-bound, Australian Law says you are entitled to a replacement courtesy car. So, keep our number with you and call our team at Not My Fault as soon as it’s safe to do so. Our number is 1800699034