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If you have a young family, then you can approach such journeys with a sense of dread! Arguments, tantrums and the like might be at the forefront of your thinking. Let’s face it, you will be very lucky to avoid the occasional spat, but here are three things to try to keep the young ones happily on-board during a long journey.

1. Be enthusiastic about the destination

Rather than have young minds focus on the hours to be spent in the vehicle, take them to the end of it. Many such journeys are to or from a vacation spot or to meet other family members. So, ask them what they most want to do when they arrive (or return home). Have them talk about the fun they’ll have, or how good it will be to see their best friends again. Ask them for suggestions on how best to spend their time at the destination, and watch some of the many miles pass by.

2. Let them be their own mini back-packers

Apart from clothes and the like, why not let your kids fill a small backpack with things they’d like to do during the journey? This could include favourite toys, travel games, a snack or treat or two. Do check everything is safe to use during a journey (no sharp objects that could cause injury) but let them manage their own time as much as is possible.

3. Wrap up a small surprise

In the latter part of a long drive, even the tips mentioned above can be less effective. So, how about getting a little treat of a toy or travel game for each of your kids? Gift-wrap it, and then hand it over to keep them interested during the final part of your trek.

Even well-planned journeys can go wrong

If, during any journey, you are the victim of an accident that is not your fault, you can suddenly find yourself without transport. In such circumstances, under Australian Law, you are entitled to a replacement courtesy car – and it should be of the same or similar type to your own.

Keep this number at hand: 1800699034. Then, if you are ever involved in such an accident, call our Not My Fault team as soon as possible and let us set to work on your behalf.