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It’s easy to assume that everyone else who drives is more confident than you, especially if you are a new driver, are driving a different vehicle, or are simply slightly nervous about driving. Here are three tips to help with your confidence when you get behind the wheel…

Fully understand your car before driving it

Knowledge builds confidence, so take the time to get to know what everything in your car is and what it does. This ranges from adjusting your seat position and mirrors to appreciating what each switch is for. Knowing exactly where those you need to use are located – and how they operate – helps avoid that moment of panic when it is actually time to use them!

Forget about the feelings of other drivers

If you are new or nervous on the road it can be easy to assume that every other driver is watching you like a hawk and just waiting for you to make a mistake. The feeling can be like that experienced on your first morning in a new class at school or when you’ve changed your job! Concentrate on your own actions while obviously being constantly aware of other road users.

Think about who is in the car with you

This might seem a strange tip to include here, but it can be quite important. Some people seem to find glory in pointing out mistakes; others can encourage you to drive in a way that you don’t feel comfortable with, for example by asking you to increase speed beyond the point where you feel fully in control. Aim to build confidence in your driving alongside those who will encourage you – or simply drive on your own until you are ready to handle these types of passengers.

If you are the victim of a not your fault accident

However careful you are, other drivers may not be, so this is an unfortunate possibility when driving. If this does happen to you, and your vehicle is headed for a repair shop, then Australian law entitles you to a replacement courtesy car. Contacting our Not My Fault team is a sensible step to take as soon as is possible. Keep our number with you – it’s 1800699034.