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What changes when you are driving at night?

By April 27, 2022November 20th, 2023No Comments

The first answer to ‘what changes when you drive at night?’ – is you! Some motorists are experienced night drivers – it might be a part of their job. Others will be infrequent night drivers. In this case, there may be a change of attitude. Many people are less comfortable, especially if the journey they are taking is one they don’t frequently make.

Here are four physical aspects of driving that can change, or need to be changed, at night…

Quickly changing light levels

Moving from a city or town into the countryside during the daytime usually means little change in light levels. At night, these can be swift and substantial. Therefore, it’s important to be alert, and ready to adjust to such moments.

Reduction in clarity of vision

We know that windscreens should always be kept clean. But, at night, this is even more important, as the light levels reduce and this can further hamper clear vision. It pays to check your screen-wash is full before starting a long night drive. It’s obvious, but worth remembering, to check your vehicle’s lights are all in full working order before setting off at night. This allows you to both see and be seen.

Adjust your key point of vision

During the day, you will spend the majority of time looking straight ahead. At night, this can mean you are suddenly blinded by full-beam headlights coming towards you. Shifting your gaze down and to the side, focusing on the near edge of the highway can help better cope with this moment of danger.

Dim your interior lighting

The levels of dashboard lighting during the day can be too bright and distracting as you drive at night. Visors can also help shield you from street lighting and other night-time glare, as much as from daytime sunlight.

Accidents happen at all times

No matter how much care you take, you can still find yourself the innocent victim of the poor driving of others. Should this happen to you, and your vehicle is repair shop-bound, one vital point to remember is Under Australian Law, you are entitled to an accident replacement courtesy car.

So in case you are involved in a not at fault car accident, keep our Not My Fault phone number with you at all times. Call 1800 699 034 as soon as you can. One of our experienced professionals will be primed to help you get back on the road…