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If you are taking one or more dogs with you when driving, you want them to be under control, to avoid sudden actions which could lead to an accident. Equally, you’ll want them to be settled and comfortable, making it less likely they could suddenly become distressed, which can also cause the driver unexpected problems. Let’s explore some tips to help with this…

Keeping them secure

A range of carriers are available; if you use one it should ideally be large enough for your dog to comfortably sit, stand, lie and turn in. If it’s a new purchase, allow your pet to become familiar with it at home well before setting off on a first drive. Make sure it’s secured, as a sudden slip or slide can easily distract a driver.

Keeping them alive

Sorry to be so blunt, but obviously you should never leave a pet alone in a parked vehicle on a hot day – windows open or not. But, equally, and this is not often considered, there are some parts of Australia where, at times, it can be extremely cold. A car can then turn into a refrigerator; equally dangerous for a freezing pet left alone.

A gradual introduction

With a new pet and a long drive in the offing, it pays to get them used to the vehicle through a series of short journeys first. As he or she becomes used to spending time in the vehicle, they should be less stressed if you are travelling up-country or interstate. Comfort breaks will be an important part of any longer journey.

Creating a travelling kit

Just as we humans prepare a pack of items for use during a journey, a pet kit is important too. It might include a leash and waste scoop, food, bowl, water, a favourite toy, comfort blanket or pillow, any relevant travel or other medication, and grooming tools. You don’t want to have to find items for yourselves on a long journey by having to unpack suitcases – the same is true for your pet!

Accidents happen

Whether travelling with pets or not, you can still become the victim of an accident that is not your fault. In such circumstances, if you are in need of an accident replacement courtesy car (an entitlement under Australian Law for ‘Not My Fault’ accidents), call our expert team for the help you need on 1800 699 034.