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Thousands of car accidents occur each year in Australia and are often shocking and highly traumatic for those involved. With emotions running high, your first instinct may be to panic, but remaining calm and thinking rationally can help you to summon medical help for those who need it, take action to prevent any further damage and remain protected in the eyes of an insurance company.

Here’s a run-down of what you should do in the immediate aftermath of a car accident:


If you have been involved in any kind of road accident, you are legally obligated to stop. If no one was hurt and there is no visible damage, it may be tempting to drive away, but this could land you in some serious legal trouble. Remember to always stop at the scene.

Refrain from admitting responsibility

Many car insurance contracts state that the driver should never take responsibility for an incident. Your insurance company will have experts trained in dealing with road accidents and in this case, it’s best to let them take over. This means limiting conversation with the other driver involved in the accident to avoid admitting liability.

Assess the damage

After assisting anyone who has been injured, take a look at the damages incurred to all vehicles involved. Take photographs if possible, this is particularly useful when submitting your insurance claim. Be sure to take pictures that record any damage to the cars and the positioning of the cars on the road following the accident. Try not to panic about the extent of the damage, and remember that under Australian law, you’re entitled to a replacement courtesy car!

Record the facts of the accident

Car accidents are particularly stressful experiences and those involved often forget important details due to shock. Record the name, telephone number and addresses of all parties and most importantly, get the insurance company, license plate and vehicle registration number from everyone involved to ensure that your insurance claim runs as smoothly as possible upon submission.

If you’ve been involved in a road accident that wasn’t your fault, contact the team at Not My Fault to find out what you are entitled to and arrange your replacement courtesy car.