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You’ve just been involved in an unfortunate car accident. It is not your fault, but the car is now in the workshop. You still have to get to work, drive the kids to soccer, pick the in-laws up on the weekend – the list is endless. You need a set of wheels.

Most people think it won’t happen to them. Until it does. Then what? There are many accident replacement car hire services throughout Australia, but how do you know which is the right one for you?

Ask the right questions

It is important that you clarify with the company that you will not be liable for any hire car charges or associated costs. Just saying it was not your fault may not be enough.

Read the terms and conditions of the contract before you sign. Clarify with the company if you are not sure about any item in the contract.

What to look for

Find an accident replacement vehicle hire company that can provide the services you need. These can include:


If the car involved in the accident is your only means of transport, you will need a company that can deliver the accident replacement car to you.


A company with a large fleet of cars is more likely to offer you a like-for-like car to replace the one that’s in the workshop.

If the accident was a ‘not my fault’ accident, it is within your rights to ask for a car of a similar make and model to what you were driving previously.

Easy access

The company must have enough information on their website to facilitate your enquiry and decision making. Things like online booking, toll-free phone number, or online chat can make a difference in stressful moments.


Read testimonials and reviews. When researching online, be objective. Some people tend to rant, so read positive reviews too, not just negative ones.

The accident replacement vehicle hire industry is regulated in Australia. Most providers know they have to operate within the limitations of the law.

After an accident, your nerves are shot and it’s easy to overlook things. If you know ahead of time what to look out for, you are less likely to make a costly mistake.