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Anger, or at least frustration, is one of the key causes of traffic accidents. Losing self-control, even for a moment, can be catastrophic. Understanding some of the key reasons for ‘driving angry’ can help you better maintain the calm control you need. Here are three of the most common negative behaviours.

Seeing a journey as a goal to be achieved

Most times when you are behind the wheel, you are heading to a known destination for a specific reason. The danger, then, is that anything that gets in the way of you achieving this ‘goal’ can cause your temper to fray. Traffic lights have obviously been programmed specifically to hold you up; roadblocks, or slow-moving lines through roadworks, are there for the same reason; other drivers sticking scrupulously to 5kph below the speed limits become your enemy. All of these seem silly when written here – yet not so much when you’re on the road!

Failing to appreciate driving anxiety

Being behind the wheel is a tension-building activity. This is still true when you are highly experienced, or are making regular journeys along the same route. Often, especially if circumstances seem to be against you (delayed before setting out’; having an argument before getting behind the wheel), your state of nervous tension is already higher than it would normally be. Then, the smallest incident by other drivers or pedestrians while you’re on the road, can almost feel like you are being provoked.

Having no-one ‘real’ to blame

When frustrations occur while driving, they are almost always caused by ‘anonymous individuals’ – people who are unknown to you. This makes it easy for you to label them negatively; or to reach your own conclusions as to why they behaved in a certain way; or even their motivations for doing so. This builds up your anger level and can quickly impair concentration.

Accidents happen even when you’re in control

Being careful to avoid the causes of anger mentioned above, you can sadly still be the innocent party in an accident that is no fault of yours. If so, under Australian Law, you are entitled to a replacement courtesy car should yours be heading for a repair shop.

That’s why it makes sense to keep this number with you: 1800699034. Use it to reach our Not My Fault team should this ever prove necessary.