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There’s no doubt that driving irresponsibly, recklessly and distractedly leads to automobile accidents. But if you drive well while also considering all the factors that protect you and your vehicle from other road users, you are driving defensively. To be skilled in defensive driving, you have to follow all the driving guide instructions and tips. You have to learn and practise how to be aware of the dangers around your vehicle to avoid accidents.

Let’s take a look at three essential reasons defensive driving is important.

1. Defensive driving is life-saving

Defensive driving is a great way to avoid accidents and save your life, that of passengers, pedestrians and the at-fault driver. Sometimes, defensive driving might not prevent an accident, but it could reduce the impact of a crash. Implementing defensive driving techniques is usually tricky at the beginning, but with more practice, it can become second nature.

2. Benefit from insurance

Defensive driving implies that you are prone to only have a not my fault accident, which is an advantage. In such a case, the insurance company of the driver at-fault will pay for the damages. If you must avoid paying damages to another driver or passengers via your insurance or pocket (if your vehicle is not insured), simply embrace defensive driving.

3. Avoidance or reduction of accident-related problems

Defensive driving helps you to encounter few or no it’s-not-my-fault accidents, which translates to zero or less physical, financial, emotional, mental and legal issues. Take, for example, if you, your friend or family member gets hurt or dies while you are driving, a feeling of misplaced guilt that you could have avoided the crash might start haunting you. You might also develop survivor’s guilt (fear of driving).

Even without any insurance coverage problems, certain unexpected financial burdens might still trouble you. Remember that you will also need a courtesy accident vehicle while your automobile is under repairs, as well as visit a doctor for pain relief despite your busy schedule. These are only a few uncertainties that an accident might come with.

If you have had a not my fault accident, please call us now and we’ll deliver a free-replacement-car to your work or home right away.