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Accidents on the road are unfortunately quite common, but there are ways you can lower your chances of causing an accident when driving. Read on to discover more about defensive driving and how this could protect you and other drivers.

What is defensive driving?

Defensive driving is, simply put, the practice of using safe driving methods to raise your awareness of risks on the road. You will be more able to identify potential hazards when you are more keenly aware of driving conditions and other road users, as well as your own driving techniques.

How can you utilise defensive driving?

So how can you practise defensive driving in your daily life? When driving defensively, you should make sure to plan your journeys ahead of time so that you know your routes and timings and are not tempted to rush and exceed the speed limit. You should also always keep a safe distance between yourself and other drivers, and regularly assess your surroundings to ensure that other road users are behaving responsibly. This will also help you to see anything unexpected, such as animals or items that might block your path, pedestrians and cyclists.

As a defensive driver, you must keep your driving theory in mind and refresh this when necessary. Remember to always signal where necessary too.

The benefits of defensive driving

The most obvious benefit of defensive driving is that you can dramatically reduce the chances of causing a road accident yourself. It also makes you more aware of those around you, so you will be able to spot the dangerous driving of others and avoid them. It can also lower your overall fuel consumption and preserve your vehicle for longer.

Defensive driving is one of the best ways to know you’re doing all you can to stay safe while driving. However, even the most careful and conscientious drivers can be the victims of a not-at-fault car accident. If this has happened to you, then get in touch with Not My Fault Car Hire so you can easily access a replacement courtesy car while yours is being repaired.