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When booking replacement vehicle hire you need to know some of your rights as a consumer. The overall goal is that your vehicle needs to be repaired in a complete, proper and safe manner. To safeguard this you will need to consider the following:

Repair Facility

There are many body shops in Australia that you can choose to have your vehicle repaired in. Making the right choice includes considering which shop has state-of-the-art equipment and the best-trained technicians to fix your car. Your insurance company may suggest shops to repair your car but ultimately it is your decision to make.

Repair Parts

There are two factors that determin the repair parts that will be used in your vehicle: your insurance policy and the local state laws that regulate spare parts for damaged vehicles. However, as a consumer, you have the right to order the repair parts you want. You might decide to order original equipment collision replacement parts, but this will depend on your insurance policy and the legal regulations.

Insurance Policy Guide

Your consumer rights are set by your insurance policy. You should always check your policy allowance limits even before a potential accident occurs. There are instances where the policies may only allow for repair for certain types of parts and other policies may grant original equipment parts in all circumstances.

Laws and Regulations

Normally, State laws require insurance companies and body shops to expressly disclose the parts they will use during repair to their customers. Some states even insist that the insurance company or body shop must disclose whenever original equipment parts are not used.

You have the right to drive in a properly repaired vehicle. That makes it important for you to know your rights as a consumer before your car is repaired. You will need to ask questions about the body shop that will repair your vehicle and also about the type of parts that will be used. It’s also vital that you fully understand the laws and regulations governing collision repair.