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The gold standard when it comes to safe driving, the ANCAP safety ratings provide a trusted source of information on the safety of your vehicle. The safety ratings encompass four main areas: adult occupation protection; child occupation protection; vulnerable road user protection; and safety assist. To score the coveted five-star ANCAP safety rating, a vehicle needs to score highly across all four areas. Stars are awarded in line with the lowest number of points in a category, so consistent 360-degree safety performance is essential. Here we take a look at the categories in more detail, as well as list some of the safest vehicles available.

Adult occupation protection

This category includes a number of tests that assess how safe the occupants of the front row (driver and passenger) seats are. Tests are also completed on the impact implications for second-row passengers, using several different assessment criteria.

Child occupation protection

Even slight alterations in seat shape and positioning can have a big impact on the safety of juvenile passengers. The child occupation tests also include assessing the safety of a variety of car seats, observing how these perform under crash conditions.

Vulnerable road user protection

Unfortunately, cyclists and pedestrians are all too frequently the victims in road traffic accidents. Luckily, there are a number of alterations to the front and wings of a vehicle that can lessen the impact in the event of a vehicle/pedestrian or vehicle/cyclist collision.

Safety assist

Advanced technology means that vehicles now contain more safety features than ever before. From blind spot warning systems through to lane-keeping technology, automatic braking systems and tyre monitoring systems, modern cars provide drivers with plenty of tools to help keep them, and other road users, safe.

The safest cars to drive

Whether you’re considering buying a new vehicle or deciding on a suitable replacement courtesy car, safety has to be at the top of the agenda. Popular models that fuse performance with an exceptional level of safety include:

– Nissan Juke
– Mazda CX-30
– Land Rover Defender
– Skoda Scala
– Ford Escape
– Toyota Yaris
– Mercedes Benz GLB
– Tesla Model X
– And many more.