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We all want to own and drive safe cars. Cars that will keep us or our families from injury in the event of an accident, regardless of whether the accident was our fault or it was a ‘not my fault’ accident.

When it comes to finding the safest vehicles in Australia, there’s really only one source that we all take notice of… ANCAP Safety Ratings. In the latest releases from the ANCAP safety team, there is one surprising new entrant.

Reputable brands

We all expect the well known and trusted brands in the market to achieve great safety ratings. The June and July ANCAP safety rating announcements were no surprise: Mercedes Benz GLE, Mercedes Benz G-Class vehicles received the maximum five star safety rating; upgrades to the new Toyota Hilux model also saw its pre-existing five star safety rating renewed and extended; and most recently, the latest Audi A6 received a five star ANCAP safety rating.

New entrant

But there’s a surprising new entrant when it comes to safety ratings. This is Tesla. Tesla’s newest release, Model 3 has been awarded the maximum star safety rating by ANCAP. With a score of 96% for the category Adult Occupant Protection and full points achieved for driver safety, front passenger in the frontal offset test and child occupants in the side impact test, the results surprised and delighted Tesla fans.

Maximising safety

So, be safe when you drive, be alert and aware of your surroundings, choose to own one of Australia’s safest vehicles as shown through a superior ANCAP safety rating, and in the event that you are involved in a not at fault accident, know your rights.

If the worst happens and you are involved in a not at fault car accident, an accident replacement vehicle is available. These vehicles are hired through reputable hire car providers and are matched to be as close to your vehicle in type and features as possible. Make sure your not at fault hire car has a safety rating as close as possible to yours so you are not driving an inferior vehicle in terms of safety, and your family are not put at any undue risk due to your not at fault car accident.

Contact Not my Fault today to speak to our experts who can find you the safest replacement courtesy car.