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Imagine you’re preparing food at home and accidentally cut your finger. It’s very slight so you simply stick a plaster on it and life goes on. However, if you were to smack your head quite hard on a door frame and also sustain a small cut, that might not be all the damage done. You’d be wise to visit a doctor or local hospital to check and ensure that no internal damage has been caused.

It’s the same with a ‘not my fault’ accident

If you find yourself in such a situation, then moderate to severe damage to your vehicle is likely to be obvious. Your airbags have probably been deployed, a windscreen might be smashed, a door seriously dented. But what about that damage you can’t see?

A key example of this are the bumpers on modern vehicles. Made of plastic, they can absorb a level of sudden impact and sometimes simply pop back into shape. You inspect them and are relieved that no harm has been done. However, underneath that bumper bar are plastic brackets, bar absorbers and clips which could also have sustained a level of damage. This is why it is always wise to have your vehicle carefully examined by qualified experts at a Repair Shop.

One reason why people might not take action

In a word: hassle. But the safety of your vehicle might have been compromised in ways that you can’t immediately see. You need your vehicle to live your life, get to work, take kids to school and so on. The good news is, that under Australian Law, after a not your fault accident you are entitled to a replacement courtesy car. Therefore, you can make sure your own vehicle is still roadworthy but also carry on doing what you need to do and being where you need to be.

Allow us to help you obtain that accident replacement vehicle

Our experienced team here at Not My Fault can quickly swing into action to keep you on the move until your car is checked and repaired as necessary. Our number is 1800699034; keep it with you and if that unfortunate not your fault accident happens, give us a call as soon as you can.