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Taking the kids to school, heading to work, or undertaking the weekly shop, are all driving activities which are unlikely to require long periods behind the wheel. For many drivers, an extended journey is a more unusual event, and one they might not always be best prepared for. Here are four tips to help you focus on staying alert…

+ Rest beforehand

Enjoying a good night’s sleep is the obvious answer here. But it might be that you are setting off later in the day, or even early evening, and be driving long into the night. If you can, take even a ten to twenty-minute power nap before setting off; remembering that it can also take about the same time to fully wake up again after such a brief nap.

+ Take a short walk before setting off

Rather than leaving you feeling tired, this is much more likely to actually wake you up! In fact, such a burst of exercise (and feel free to jog or run if you prefer) often boosts your energy levels. Such exercise might only last five or ten minutes but can make a terrific difference.

+ Be caffeine careful

Remember, coffee is a quick fix. It can bring you down quickly not long after taking you up high, and will head through your system and soon provide another requirement. Driving while desperately needing to find a toilet isn’t great for concentration! If you do need your caffeine fix, then small and frequent servings are recommended to gain the best ongoing effect.

+ Eat and hydrate sensibly

Caffeine can dehydrate, as can eating salty foods – so make sure you keep well-hydrated. As you drive, it can be a frequent reaction to enjoy some sugar-packed junk foods. Again, it’s better to choose a more natural and continuing energy boost, compared to what these items will provide.

Staying alert doesn’t always prevent a not at fault car accident

While it gives you a better chance of avoiding other drivers’ carelessness or even stupidity, even the most alert of drivers can be the victim of a Not My Fault accident. If you are, keep our number to hand – 1800699034. We can help arrange a courtesy accident replacement car while yours is in the repair shop. Under Australian law, this is an entitlement after a not your fault accident scenario.