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We don’t just mean for a week or two. If you haven’t been behind the wheel for a substantial period of time, it can seem quite daunting to get back into the routine of efficient driving. Here are a few tips from those who’ve gone through such an experience…

Introduce yourself to the vehicle!

It might be a new car to you – or not. Introducing yourself means taking time to find that comfortable yet controlled driving position, adjusting the seat as necessary. Once set, take time to align the mirrors and other manoeuvrable controls to best suit you. Carefully learn, or relearn, the positioning and use of all the key controls.

Know the where and how of your journey

This means both refamiliarising yourself with the laws of the road, and carefully planning the first longer journey (see next point) you plan to take. It’s possible, even if your destination is known to you, that new traffic requirements or access amendments may have been added to an old, familiar route.

Start off with a short, sweet trip

We don’t mean to a local ice cream parlour, although… simply aim for a few short, easily manageable and familiar journeys to get you back into the swing of things. Drive slowly and conservatively, and use your observational skills to help build your driving confidence back up to past levels. You might take an experienced driver as a passenger – not necessarily to instruct as you go, but maybe to feed off their relaxed confidence next to you, and to offer you a few helpful points at journey’s end.

Sadly, accidents are still happening

No matter how careful you are, not-your-fault accidents can still happen. If you are an innocent victim of such an event, and your car has to go into the repair shop, it’s important that you contact our team here at Not My Fault (Australia’s No.1 car accident replacement service).

In such circumstances, under Australian Law, you are entitled to a replacement courtesy car. As soon as you safely can, contact our expert team on 1800699034.