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Congratulations, you’ve passed! Now that you’ve got a driving licence and car insurance, you can begin to drive on your own. While people expect to feel liberated, driving on the road alone after passing your test can be a daunting experience. So, we’ve put together five tips to help you become less nervous on the road as a new driver.

1. Drive safely even around inconsiderate drivers

If another driver is getting too close to your vehicle, overtakes you, or cuts you off, do your best to remain calm and ignore them. Instead of driving faster, it’s a good idea to slow down or let them go ahead of you. Not only will this ensure you get out of the dangerous situation safely, but it’ll also help minimise the chances of you having a car accident.

2. Keep your first few drives short

It’s probably not a great idea to drive for the first time after passing your test in a busy area or in a place you don’t know very well. To build your confidence and ensure you feel in control on the road, we suggest you keep your trips short and close to where you live so that you can get used to your car.

3. Don’t go on road trips with friends at first

Friends can be a huge distraction in your car when you’ve just passed your test. They could make you take more risks, drive faster, or simply influence how much you’re concentrating on the road. Once you’re used to driving without an instructor or family member by your side, feel free to invite your friends along.

4. Put some new driver plates on your vehicle

Don’t hesitate to buy P-plates for your car to let other drivers know that you’ve recently passed your test, which will encourage them to give you more space on the road.

5. Drive. Drive. Drive.

The only way to improve your confidence on the road after passing is through experience. As you begin to drive more, your understanding of the road will improve. If you’re struggling, you can take some courses to help you improve your driving skills – these can be practical courses with an instructor or virtual online courses.

If you’re involved in a not-my-fault car accident, feel free to contact our professional and friendly team at Not My Fault to arrange a replacement vehicle.