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Every time we are behind the wheel, we encounter aggressive drivers. Some drivers aren’t paying attention and will wander from one lane to the other. Others may make sudden turns or stops without indicating that they are about to do so.

This type of inattentive or distracted driving is a major cause of vehicle accidents. While you cannot control the next driver’s actions, you can control yourself by practicing defensive driving. You might just be saving your life and the other drivers’ lives too. How can you ensure your safety amidst crazy drivers?

Keep your distance

Try and maintain a three-second following distance. That way, in an eventuality of the driver in front making a sudden unexpected turn or stop, you can safely brake without bumping unto them.

Be alert and plan your next move

Be cautious about what the other drivers are doing or might do. Do not assume that they will adhere to the traffic rules – expect a worst-case scenario and plan your way out. Check your side mirrors often and keep your eyes well-focused to spot potential dangers.

Maintain calm in a road rage

It is very common for the other driver to be aggressive or angry towards you. In such a situation, try and minimise the conflict. An angry driver is dangerous, so don’t engage with them. You might be in the right, but there’s no way you can convince them otherwise. Find a different route, compose yourself and get out of the situation as quickly as you can.

Follow traffic rules

The other driver might not follow every rule, so think safety first. The traffic rules are there for a reason; they save lives, create order on the roads, save time while driving, and you can avoid unnecessary costs such as traffic fines and mechanic costs.

But things don’t always go as planned

Not My Fault hopes that you will not have to be involved in a not-at-fault car accident, but if you do, they can arrange for a replacement courtesy car. It wasn’t your fault and you are entitled to one. Give us a call on-1800699034.