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There aren’t too many things worse than being in an accident, especially if that accident was not your fault. After your stress and anxiety levels from the initial shock has fizzled out, it is essential to know what to do next. In these types of situations, you can be overwhelmed with what you need to do. Things such as insurance claims and courtesy car hire can sound tricky, especially if it’s your first time. Luckily, this guide will help you with what needs to happen following an accident and show you it’s not too hard to do.

After you have checked the well-being of everyone involved, there are three crucial steps you need to take to make life easier for yourself moving forward.

1) Take pictures of the accident

It is essential to document as much as possible from the crash. This information can be important to help with any insurance claims or even police reports. It is vital to take pictures of where the crash’s impact occurred, and the damage suffered from the crash. It is recommended to ensure you have photos of the driver’s car that crashed into you and, where possible, pictures of their registration or license. If you cannot get this, make sure you have this written down somewhere along with their insurance information.

2) Contact your insurance company

If you have insurance, your insurance company must be aware of an accident even if it is not your fault. Your insurer can provide you advice that you can use when making a claim and help in some instances with the claiming process. After an accident, ensure you contact your insurance company straight away. If you do not have comprehensive insurance, you need to follow up with the driver who was at fault or seek legal advice.

3) Get a courtesy car replacement

Once the dust has settled is time to get a replacement car. When you’ve been in an accident and your vehicle needs to be repaired, you still need to find a way from point A to B. This can generally be as easy as a phone call to get sorted. Our team at Not My Fault will help driver’s who are not at fault in an accident with a replacement courtesy car. Once the call is made, you’ll be back on the road with a similar vehicle to your own. Plus, if the other party was responsible for the accident, their insurance company are responsible for covering the cost.

When accidents occur, it is vital to stay as calm as possible. It is hard to judge how we will react in these situations. However, if you’re not at fault with the accident, you won’t need to worry. You’ll be back to driving in no time.