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When you are involved in a not at fault car accident, it is the responsibility of the at-fault driver’s insurer to compensate you. However, you have to provide the insurer with all the necessary information about the accident. As such, it is essential to take the following steps immediately after a not your fault accident.

1. Collect the necessary information about the crash without delay

When someone crashes into your car, collect all the essential information at the accident scene. This information includes the name of the at-fault driver and their address, the at-fault driver’s insurance company name, the driver’s insurance policy information, and witness statements and contact details. You should also take pictures or record a video of the accident scene. This information acts as evidence to back up your claim on how the accident happened.

2. Notify law enforcement right away

It is imperative to notify the law enforcement immediately after a not your fault accident. The law enforcement is required to decide on who is at fault for the accident and give a ticket. However, the at-fault driver’s insurer will also make its determination of responsibility. The insurer’s decision of fault can either support or oppose the law enforcement’s fault assessment. Nonetheless, the at-fault driver’s insurer relies heavily on the police report when making its determination of fault.

3. Notify the at-fault driver’s insurer

The driver who crashes into your car should report the accident to their insurer. Nevertheless, many at-fault drivers are reluctant to report the accidents. Besides, some of the at-fault drivers can also fail to provide their insurers with an accurate account of the crash. As such, you should also contact the at-fault driver’s insurer and report the accident accurately. Your reporting serves as a verification that the insurer has been provided with precise information about the crash.

Bottom line

After a not your fault accident, taking these steps helps you in the process of claiming compensation from the at-fault driver’s insurer. However, before receiving your payment, get in touch with Not My Fault to get a replacement vehicle.