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Most modern cars have infotainment systems as a must-have. They provide a combination of entertainment and information through a collection of hardware and software. However, the use of car infotainment increases the chances of accidents caused by distracted driving.

If you have ever been a victim of a car crash as a result of driver distraction, then you’ll understand how important it is to concentrate on driving. A good driver will ignore anything that can divert their attention from the road. It is common though for infotainment systems to distract even the most experienced driver. There are a few tactics that you might have to consider before driving a car with an infotainment system:

Make adjustments before you get underway

Do you have to manoeuvre the infotainment systems while driving? It’s not a must. A driver can address things like GPS and sound system before starting the journey.

Choose an interface adapted to your interaction capability

Before settling for a car to buy, consider the ease of use of the infotainment system. Driving and operating a touch interface can be more distracting than original texts translated into audio outputs. Base your car choice on your cognitive ability.

Have a navigator on board while driving

There’s a constant danger of being involved in a car crash while you are operating an infotainment system. So, if you must run it, why not consider a family or a friend to work your car system for you? Think about that split second distraction that can lead to a fatal accident.

You can pull over to operate your infotainment system

Some infotainment systems are not intuitive to use while driving. Many new drivers face a high-tech challenge before they master and can operate them while driving. Before then, safely pulling over to figure out your system or read an instruction manual is a wiser decision.

Committing to being a safer driver should be your top priority. Sadly, not all drivers are safety conscious. You might be a victim of a not at fault car accident. Should this happen, Not My Fault can organise an accident replacement car as you wait for yours to be repaired. Keep our number handy-1800699034-you never know when you might need it.