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Although many drivers are well-mannered and willing to admit fault, this is not always the case. Others are argumentative, hesitant to exchange details and, sometimes, aggressive – verbally or physically. In the aftermath of a not at fault car accident, such behaviour can be shocking and unnerving.

However, it’s important to keep your cool. After all, if it’s a ‘not my fault’ car accident, you’re the innocent victim. You don’t deserve to put up with unfair blame and conflict. Remember, too, that you don’t know who the other driver is or where he/she comes from. He could be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or driving an unregistered or stolen vehicle.

1. Fight the urge to argue back

Even in a ‘not my fault’ car accident, the golden rule remains: you have the right to remain silent. If the other driver is argumentative and difficult, try not to get involved. If you lose your cool, you might end up saying something you wish you hadn’t said or get embroiled in a fight, which won’t help.

2. Call the police

If the driver refuses to exchange details or becomes aggressive, you have every right to call the police. Do so as quickly as possible. The police will attend the accident scene as soon as they can – to gain the other driver’s details and to prevent the break out of violence.

Remember that other driver’s details might come in handy when you make a car insurance claim ‘not my fault’ or, if necessary, go to court.

3. Gather as many details as you can

The most valuable detail you can gather is the other driver’s number plate, as well as his/her car model and make. If possible, try to remember as much about his/her appearance as you can, too, and, if relevant, any evidence of intoxication. It’s also important to write down exactly what happened, so you can demonstrate it was a ‘not at fault’ car accident.

While you’re at it, call witnesses for evidence. Should the case boil down to your word against that of the other driver, it’ll be helpful to have statements from others, to back up your story.