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Many accidents are caused by speeding and driving under substance or drug influence. Reckless driving is also among the most common causes. While both drivers are responsible for collision accidents, a not my fault accident can happen any time. Not my fault accidents are those in which the offender rams into another car or causes it to veer off the road and get damaged because of careless driving. There is no need to worry if you get involved in a not my fault accident. Here are some things that will help determine whether you are at fault or not during the accident investigation.

Admitting liability

If the driver who hit you says that they are sorry or did not see you, that can be taken as an admission of liability. In that case, they are usually taken to be at fault, meaning law enforcers will rule in your favour.


Substance abuse is almost always the cause of not my fault accidents. Alcohol impairs judgment and can make a driver lose control of their vehicle or their speed. This will eventually lead them to hit other cars or pedestrian. If you drive while intoxicated and cause an accident, you will be accorded the liability.


If your car is hit from behind by another car, that amounts to a not my fault accident. The other driver’s insurance company will be liable for the damage and if the damage is substantial, you will be entitled to a replacement car. Rear-ending another car in front of you will almost always make you at fault.

Traffic lights

Traffic lights are meant to control road use and help prevent accidents. If a driver decides to run a red light and hits you in the process, they will have to take the blame. Such accidents are not my fault accidents and will see you get compensation at the expense of the offender.

Not my fault accidents are unavoidable. The best cause of action is to approach the offender and get their details. Be sure to ask for their name and insurance policy. You can agree upon the liability involved and get a replacement car as yours is being repaired. Contact us at Not My Fault for a car replacement today.