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Unfortunately, car accidents can happen anywhere and everywhere, and usually in the most inconvenient locations. When four-wheel driving through the bushland, or while camping in the great outdoors, any accident, including not-at-fault, can derail your holiday quickly. However, in the deserted landscapes, finding somewhere to get help can seem impossible, primarily when you’re relying on your vehicle for safety and transport. We share with you our remote car accident advice and how to get help in difficult, out of the way locations.

Check everyone’s safety

Whether it’s just you or many people involved in the car accident, ensure everyone is safe and unharmed, including any other drivers. Seeking medical attention is paramount for injured people, especially as help may take some time to reach you. If everyone is unharmed, then you can proceed with the process of seeking help for your car mechanics.

Check your mobile phone or radio

Depending on your location, you may have issues using your mobile phone to make contact with emergency services. Most phones have an option to make an emergency call, but not all will work in every situation. If you or any other parties have access to a radio, use this immediately to call for assistance. Much like emergency services, this help will take a while to reach you, so there is considerable urgency.

Consult with the other driver

If you’ve experienced an accident with another car, ensure you reach out to them as soon as possible. Though the accident may leave you both shaken and uneasy, you will need each other’s help to get out of the situation. However, don’t ignore the vital components of documenting the accident; take the driver’s name, address, phone number, licence plate and the licence number for your insurance reference, especially for a not-at-fault accident.

Don’t abandon your car

One of the most consequential mistakes most people make while trapped in remote areas is leaving your car unattended. There are many reasons why; not only does it make it impossible for help to attend to you, but you’re more likely to become lost in the pursuit of support.

Contact your insurance

Depending on your insurance cover, you may be entitled to an accident replacement vehicle while yours is being repaired. Contacting your insurance as soon as possible after your accident will ensure you aren’t without a car longer than you need to be, and you can start the repair process quickly.