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The 4 best ways to cut costs on insurance in a ‘not my fault’ car accident

By January 17, 2019August 27th, 2023No Comments

Another car on the back hits you? Do not panic; your insurer will keep you covered. When in a ‘not my fault’ accident, here are the five best ways to cut your spending.

1. Report the incident to the insurance company

Both minor and major accidents can be used as evidence to file a case. When you do not report, the other driver may sue you at a later date, and the insurer will not be able to assist you. It is, therefore, wise to report all incidences to the insurer for future reference.

2. Request for a replacement car

Most of the time, the insurer may not suggest a replacement courtesy car as an option, but you should know you have the right to drive an accident replacement car of the same model and age. Some clients have been deceived to take the option of hiring a courtesy car, not knowing that the insurer has the responsibility to provide a ‘not at fault’ accident rental car. Also, the insurer should be made aware of when you are using an accident replacement vehicle at your own expense through filing a car insurance claim for a ‘not my fault’ case.

3. Request for a discount

Have you ever wondered why you and your friends pay the same amount for insurance, even though you cover different distances? The insurance company may use an estimate for the miles covered which is generally calculated as the average distance for drivers. In case your distance is below the average, you can consider asking for a discount, which may be given to you.

4. Explore new policies

In case your insurance costs are still too expensive and you are unable to maintain them, you can always shop around for new policies. Most insurance companies always create new offers to attract more clients, and these offers may be far cheaper than what you currently have.

Consider applying the above methods to help significantly reduce excess spending in the case of a ‘not my fault’ accident.