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If your vehicle was in an accident or some form of collision, you may be encouraged to claim on your insurance. Before doing so there are things to know and understand about the effect a non-fault claim can have on your motor insurance. Read on for more.

Why do we need car insurance?

Firstly, why do we need car insurance? You’ll often hear people talking about not claiming on their insurance if they have been involved in an accident or collision, so what’s the point of it then?

First of all, car insurance is a legal requirement. In order to be allowed to drive on the road legally and with the assurance of your protection, car insurance is a mandatory aspect of owning a vehicle. Secondly, it offers financial protection. If you have an accident, your car insurance can cover injuries to other drivers, passengers in your car and pedestrians. Having car insurance can also help cover your legal liability for any damages caused, and with comprehensive car insurance, you’ll also be covered for any damage to your own vehicle.

Does declaring a non-fault claim affect my insurance?

In short, yes it does. After you’ve declared a non-fault accident, your insurance cost may rise. This is because your insurance provider may decide that the reason for the claim is more likely to happen again making your vehicle a higher risk, even if it wasn’t your fault. An example of this would be if you were involved in a collision on a busy intersection on your commute to work, the insurance provider may see this as your daily routes are more dangerous than others.

Is it worth making a claim when it isn’t my fault?

When deciding whether to claim on your insurance there are multiple aspects to consider. Firstly, whether the other party is willing to pay for the damages. This is a common route taken as most would prefer not to claim on insurance. Ideally, they will cover the repairs however, if they are not insured you should consider claiming on your own insurance. Also, if the damage is minor you may not feel it’s worth it as the cost of the repairs may be cheaper than boosting your insurance fee.

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