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The emotional trauma associated with car accidents

By October 10, 2019August 28th, 2023No Comments

Car accidents usually cause shock and trauma to the driver and passengers. There may be minor physical injuries during a crash, but even bumper dent accidents can trigger emotional trauma in people. For example, a mother who gets involved in an accident with her kids in the car may feel irresponsible or ashamed. Emotional trauma can arise even when it’s a not my fault accident, and it’s worse for at-fault drivers. It is, therefore, essential for all parties involved in a crash to undergo counselling.

What are the essential things to do after an accident?

The first thing to do is call an ambulance and police in case of physical injuries. Collect all the relevant details of the other party, including the name, number, address, plate number and insurance details. After contacting the police and your insurance company, you can find a courtesy car hire to use for the time being.

Why is counselling essential?

Sometimes trauma can manifest itself in weird forms like nightmares, unwanted weight loss, fear or aggressiveness. Some drivers have a fear of getting behind again after an accident. Accident victims need to see a professional and talk about their accident experience.

A professional can effectively assist accident victims in navigating through the various emotions that may traumatise a victim.

Counselling may be necessary immediately, after a few days or even after a few weeks. It all depends on the accident victim, and he/she should look for help when the time comes.

Car crashes don’t only include dents on vehicles or broken bones but also emotional injuries. It is hard to identify emotional trauma for the accident victim, and parties in an accident need to seek medical attention. You can ask for assistance from NotatFault to deal with a not-at-fault car accident, and we can discuss how to get you back on the road. We understand the convenience of your car, and that’s why we give our clients the best deals.

What’s next?

You have a right to drive an accident replacement vehicle that meets your standards and style. NotatFault is an organisation that can help you get a courtesy car hire or an accident replacement car when you’ve been the victim of a not my fault accident.