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It’s a phrase you often hear when talking about people: ‘Oh, they’ve got a blind spot when it comes to…’ A reference is usually then made to a fault in their character or behaviour. This is usually regarded as inadvertent on their part, rather than deliberate.

The same is true of blind spots when driving

Motorists generally try to take care when behind the wheel; but there are areas that can cause problems in terms of enjoying a complete picture of their driving environment. Here’s a quick exercise to show what we mean. Sit behind the wheel in your normal driving position. First, look straight ahead. Next, glance in your rear view and then exterior mirrors.

The former may be affected by rear-seat passengers or items placed in your field of vision. With exterior mirrors, your vehicle’s bodywork will get in the way to some extent. So, in fact, you don’t have a complete and uninterrupted 360-degree field of vision. You’ve identified some key blind spots – and can give extra attention to them when on the move.

Other actions to help limit blind spots

+ When moving off, look over your shoulder as well as in your mirrors. Incidentally, dirty side windows can add to the potential danger. And don’t simply rely on any camera or warning technology added to recent models – these are just aids, not complete guarantees of safety!

+ Pay particular attention to on-the-move blind spots. These can be present when you are changing lanes, joining a main highway from a side road, or where traffic is merging into the lane you are occupying (or where you are trying to merge into the traffic flow yourself).

+ Remember to pay attention to the possibility that other drivers have blind spots too – and that your vehicle may sometimes be in one!

Not-at-fault accident victim? Don’t be blind to a key possibility

In such circumstances, and if their vehicle is going to be out of commission being repaired, many drivers don’t realise that, under Australian Law, they are entitled to a courtesy replacement car.

If you find yourself in such a situation, as soon as you can, contact our team here at Not My Fault. Make sure you always keep our number with you; it’s 1800699034.