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The road can be a dangerous place. Even if you’re a brilliant driver and passed with flying colours, you can’t always trust everyone else who owns a car. Sometimes it really is impossible to avoid an accident, but there are some steps you can take to reduce your chances of having a serious one:

1. No distractions

This includes obvious ones like texting and talking on the phone. But using hands-free or being immersed in an in-depth conversation with the person next to you can take your attention away from the road as well. Singing (or even dancing!) along to music or the radio is another culprit for making mistakes, and changing track or station is a big no-no. All it takes is a single second, so keep your mind where it needs to be.

2. Take it slow

If you have a need for speed, it’s time to reign it in. Sticking to speed limits and not going too fast means that if you do have an accident, your injuries will likely be less severe. You’re also less likely to skid and can make an emergency stop if need be.

3. Stay alert

It’s a bad idea to drive when you’ve pulled an all-nighter. Driving while sleep deprived can be just as bad, if not worse, than driving while intoxicated. If it’s early, maybe have a coffee to perk you up before driving to work. Make sure to have regular breaks on a long journey and stop at services or at a safe place to refresh yourself. And if you’ve had a glass of wine you really shouldn’t be going anywhere.

4. Keep your distance

Staying a safe distance from the car in front of you is key to avoiding a crash. If the driver does do something dangerous, you’re far enough away to stop or avoid a collision. It’s recommended that there’s around two seconds of distance, but four seconds can give you extra protection, particularly if the weather or road conditions are poor.

Hopefully following these tips will help you stay safer. But if you have had an unfortunate not my fault accident, then give us a call for advice today.