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What causes a driver to be distracted is an interesting question because the answer is likely to be different for each individual. However, here’s a checklist of some possibilities it’s worth paying attention to…

Driver eating, drinking or smoking

For example, trying to light a cigarette using the dashboard lighter, or placing or removing a cup from the holder, can divert attention from the road.

Using and adjusting the vehicle controls or using a device

Fiddling with the radio, or reaching for or replacing a docked device, can cause problems. Equally, using the actual vehicle dashboard controls can be problematical too. Perhaps a seatbelt is uncomfortable or becomes unclipped, maybe a mirror needs adjusting – both can remove your attention from the road for a moment. Then, of course, the use of mobile phones – even if these are being operated without holding them.

Moving people or objects inside the vehicle

On one side there are the other people in the car, perhaps wailing kids or uncomfortable passengers. Then there are pets who are not being controlled. Thirdly, the distraction might be caused by an insect or bug that’s found its way inside your vehicle and is buzzing around.

Events outside the vehicle

From somebody walking along in fancy dress to the tendency to stare at breakdowns, accidents or other ‘interesting’ events – these can thoroughly remove the driver’s attention from the straight-ahead.

Wandering thoughts

Surveys have shown this to be the major cause of serious accidents, often eclipsing all the previous possibilities added together. This is often due to unintended complacency, especially if driving a familiar route or on largely empty roads. When the mind drifts – sadly, often, so does the vehicle!

If you are the victim of another driver’s lack of attention

Even paying good attention yourself is no guarantee that you won’t be involved in a not my fault accident, leaving your car in a repair shop for a period of time. If this is the case, under our law, you are entitled to a courtesy replacement car, and one as close in size and style to your own as possible, so your transport needs can still be met.

Keep our not my fault number to hand

It’s 1800699034 – and if you are ever an innocent accident victim, call us and set us to work on your behalf…