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There are two main causes of driver distraction. One covers those caused by other people, such as passengers talking to the driver, kids making noise in the back, or the actions of your fellow drivers, pedestrians and road users.

The second category covers what might be called self-distraction. This includes things a driver does that distracts them from the road. Let’s look at four of the most common distractions below.

Using a mobile device to communicate

Whether it’s outgoing or incoming, some drivers will attempt to make calls or write texts while driving. Texting is usually more dangerous than speaking, but both are considerable distractions.

Using your mobile device to navigate

Many people set up GPS or use maps on their phones to direct them when heading to locations that are not familiar to them. Trying to follow such instructions, even if the device is mounted on the dashboard, can be distracting, causing accidents. If possible, ask a passenger to direct you.


Have you ever arrived at a destination and suddenly realised that you don’t actually remember the journey or at least part of it? This is more likely for regular journeys. It’s important to remember that the route might be the same each time, but all other factors will change. Daydreaming, however pleasant, is also dangerous, so work at retaining your focus.

Dealing with your emotions

This can be as a result of events that take place before your journey, or what you feel may happen once you arrive at your destination. Equally, it can be caused by passengers in the car. However it occurs, as with the previous point, your focus is now inside your head rather than outside on the road.

Accidents still happen when you are paying attention

Not-at-fault car accidents can happen because other drivers have fallen victim to one of the above distractions. Should you be the victim, make sure you contact our Not My Fault team to discuss obtaining an accident replacement car. Courtesy car hire is an entitlement under Australian Law. So, keep our number in case you ever need such help. It’s 1800699034.