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When behind the wheel, drivers like to believe that they are always paying full attention to the task. But, a wide range of possible distractions can mean a lack of concentration, even for a moment or two, and that can lead to an accident. Here’s a quick checklist of the common distractions that can cause problems; how many might apply to you?

+ In-car movement – this might be children in the back seats or a pet that isn’t secure. Equally, it could be any loose items, such as water bottles that suddenly move in reaction to, say, a change of direction.

+ Adjusting the in-car controls – this can range from driving-related actions such as adjusting a mirror, or a seatbelt that has come loose. It can also be making changes to the in-car entertainment system.

+ Reaching for items – this might be that water bottle when thirst strikes, or a pack of chews. It can even be reaching for a cup that is safely placed in a holder but is then sticking when you try to pick it up.

+ Responding to a mobile phone ring – even if hands-free, this remains a major cause of motoring accidents

+ Outside stimuli – a sudden movement might grab the driver’s attention. Perhaps a passenger suddenly draws attention to a glorious view or having noticed an animal in a nearby field.

One other major causes of motor accidents

All of the above can lead to trouble. But, there is one more key factor which is found to be a cause in many serious accidents. It’s simply when a driver is lost in their own thoughts. Concentration might waver because the driver is thinking about a recent work incident, a problem to be dealt with at home, or even whether to stop for a take-away or comfort break. When a driver is ‘in their own head’, concentration is lost, and they are unknowingly paying less attention to the road.

Accidents happen – even to attentive drivers

Even if you are paying full attention, it is possible to be an innocent victim of a not your fault accident. In these situations, under Australian Law, you are entitled to an accident replacement car, if yours is in the repair shop. Should this happen to you, call our experienced Not My Fault team as soon as possible and we’ll guide you through the process.