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After an accident, proving fault entails establishing who acted negligently. In some cases, it is clear who is at fault. However, other cases need witnesses or police investigations to determine the at-fault driver. The following tips will help you establish when a car accident is not your fault.

1. When the other driver admits liability

A car crash becomes a not my fault accident when the other driver accepts responsibility. In such a scenario, the other driver can say that they did not see you or did not expect to hit you. Whatever excuse that the at-fault driver presents is an admission of liability for the accident. If there are no witnesses around, record the at-fault driver admitting liability. The recording serves as evidence that you will use in your compensation claims.

2. If the other driver is intoxicated by alcohol or drugs

Intoxication is one of the leading causes of not my fault accidents. When driving, intoxication impairs judgment leading to speeding or loss of control of the vehicle. In case of a crash, the intoxicated driver is usually at fault. Therefore, when an intoxicated driver hits your car, notify the law enforcement immediately so that the proper course of action can be undertaken. The police will assess whether the driver’s intoxication is beyond the acceptable limit before determining liability.

3. Rear end collisions

A rear end collision occurs when another driver hits your car from behind. Such a crash is a not my fault accident. In particular, drivers are authorised to keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front. Violation of this regulation makes the other driver be at fault when they hit your car in the rear.

4. Violation of traffic rules

Traffic rules are meant to prevent accidents. If a driver violates a traffic rule and hits your car, then they are at fault. Common traffic law violations that can cause a not my fault accident include failure to yield, over-speeding, overlapping, and running a stop sign.

These tips will help you to establish a not my fault accident. After such an incident, contact Not My Fault for an accident replacement car.