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Being involved in a not my fault accident is stressful enough. However, the situation can get worse if the at-fault driver acts aggressively towards you. So, if this happens to you, how are you supposed to respond? The following are essential tips on how to deal with an aggressive driver after a not my fault accident.

1. Be calm and do not argue with the other driver

Following an accident that is not your fault, you may be angry and feel the need to argue with the at-fault driver. However, resist this urge. Instead, remain calm and examine yourself for any injuries and your car for any damage silently. Raising your voice to argue with the at-fault driver can fuel their aggression, leading to a violent confrontation.

2. Stay inside your car if possible

Assuming your vehicle has not been damaged severely, it is safer to stay in the vehicle if the at-fault driver is angry. In this case, make sure that the windows and the doors are locked. While inside your car, call for help using your mobile phone.

3. Call the police immediately

Call the police as soon you realise that the at-fault driver is angry or acting aggressively. The police will arrive at the scene of the accident as soon as possible to prevent any violence. Also, the police will create a report that you will rely on to claim your compensation and not at fault accident rental car.

4. Park your car in a public area if the at-fault driver pursues you

While waiting for the police inside your car, the at-fault driver might try to break your windows or force the door open. Drive off, if you can, and park your car in a public area, like in front of a restaurant or supermarket. Being in a public space might dissuade the at-fault driver from arguing with you. Moreover, there should be plenty of people to help deal with the aggressive driver.

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