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When you are involved in a ‘not at fault’ car accident, we appreciate that this is often a traumatic experience. Securing a replacement car when yours is off-the-road can seem yet another worry. Sadly, many people struggle to get to work and take their kids to school, for example, without finding out if they are entitled to access this option. Our team, experts in handling such matters, have recognised that there are some key areas of concern that people might be reluctant to ask about. Here are four of the most common questions, with our straight-forward answers…

# What if my insurance company doesn’t provide a courtesy car service?

In ‘not my fault’ accident situations this is irrelevant; we work through the insurance company of the at-fault party.

# Do I have to go through details of the accident yet again?

We do need you to provide us with accurate and honest information about the circumstances and details of your ‘not at fault’ accident. This includes full details of all the parties who are involved. You may be asked to sign a statement covering this detail. The reason for this is that we need such information to reclaim the car hire costs when dealing with the insurance company of the party who was at fault.

# Do I have to provide credit card details to get a courtesy car?

Yes – we require such details; this is in case any tolls or fines which you might accrue during your use of the vehicle might later need to be paid. Of course, you’ll also have to refuel it as necessary!

# Will I end up with a much inferior car to my own?

The simple answer is no. Our aim is to understand the vehicle you currently own, its condition and the uses you put it to. We then seek to match this with the courtesy car, allowing you to carry on living your life, without any added inconvenience, just as you would using your own vehicle. We can even deliver, and then pick up, your replacement car from the repair shop where your car is being sorted.

If you have any other questions to ask, or are the victim of a ‘not my fault’ accident, simply call us on 1800699034. You can also take the first step towards organising that replacement car now, by quickly providing key information using our simple online form.