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A sense of distress is often matched with the feeling of a need to take immediate action shortly after being involved in a traffic accident that wasn’t your fault. The problem can be summed up in this sentence…

‘How do I still get around and live my life?’

You might need a vehicle to get to your work, or to travel around your town or community while working. Kids might need to be taken to and from school each day, or to evening or weekend sporting and other activities. Elderly or infirm relatives may be relying on you for their mobility or to organise their vital shopping trips. Your parents, while still in reasonable health, might be a distance from you and look forward to your regular visits. With these, and other, transport needs weighing heavily, this is the point where many people make a crucial, and potentially costly, decision…

That major error: ‘I’d better just go and hire a car while mine is out of commission’

This can seem like the obvious solution, especially when public transport simply won’t deliver the level of mobility you need. You can optimistically expect to be able to reclaim all costs later. This might not be the case. One thing is for sure: you will be paying a substantial sum up front, particularly if your vehicle is going to be in the repair shop for a reasonable period of time.

The right move: contact our Not My Fault team

Many people don’t realise that there is no need to take the costly action described above. Under Australian law, after that ‘not my fault accident’, you are entitled to an appropriate replacement vehicle. The costs for this should be met by the insurance company of the person who was responsible for the accident – a fact that many such companies aren’t overly keen to promote.

If you have been the victim of an accident that wasn’t your fault, take a positive first step by calling us on 1800699034 or completing our Apply Online Now form. We can even arrange for your courtesy replacement car to be delivered to the repair shop where you are leaving your own vehicle.