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If you have just walked away from an accident that was not your fault, then many thoughts and anxieties will probably be swirling around in your mind. Apart from an immediate priority of having any, hopefully minor, injuries taken care of, you may well wonder how long your vehicle is going to be off the road and under repair.

This leads to the pressing problem of transporting yourself, and other family members, to where you and they need to be. Sadly, some people panic and immediately go and hire a rental replacement vehicle with the steep up-front costs this entails; and with no certainty that these can be recovered later – even when it was a ‘not my fault accident’.

Which brings us back to this single, vital fact that many people, caught up in this worrying situation, simply don’t know…

…after a not at fault accident, Australian Law entitles the victim to have use of a courtesy replacement car until their own vehicle is roadworthy once more. Many insurance companies don’t make this clear, because they will be paying for the costs this incurs.

Three other key points many drivers don’t appreciate

# The replacement vehicle should be comparable to your own, and not simply, for example, replacing a 4WD with a compact. This ‘similar type replacement’ allows you to carry on your daily life with as little inconvenience as possible.

# To minimise the stress or inconvenience the not your fault accident has caused, our experienced team here at Not My Fault can organise for this vehicle to be delivered to the repair shop where you are leaving your own car. We can even have it picked up from that same location when you go back to collect your own vehicle after repairs are complete.

# An Excess Waiver is included when your replacement vehicle is provided.

One final and vital piece of information

It’s our phone number: 1800699034. Make sure you store it in your mobile, iPad or laptop. Then, if the worst happens, a quick call can set our experienced Not My Fault team quickly to work on your behalf, securing that accident replacement car and helping to swiftly minimise the inconvenience that accidents always cause.