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We all make mistakes when driving, hopefully, minor ones which can be quickly corrected. But, a key element of safe driving is to be able to deal with, we might even say ‘park’, irritating or irresponsible driving behaviours in others. Here are some key tips to help manage your feelings and reactions in such circumstances…

# Simply accept bad driving as a fact of life

This is not defeatist, it merely means being clear in your own mind that such things happen. There is little you can do apart from accepting the fact and being calmly ready to deal with such moments. This helps keep you in a better frame of mind when driving than when allowing anger and frustration to bubble up or even bubble over.

# Avoid taking it personally

It can be easy to fall into a mindset that suggests other people’s bad driving is a deliberate act aimed at making your life more difficult! This can range from the person who is simply not paying enough attention to the bully driver who wants the world to behave in the way they want. But, their behaviour is a sad truth for all others they encounter on the road – not just you.

# Accept the possibility of life intruding

Erratic driving in others can also be due to them receiving bad news, having a row with a loved one, having problems at work – and for many other non-driving reasons which can inadvertently affect their concentration.

# Consign bad driving experiences to history

Once it’s over, it’s over. Allowing an event to fester in your mind, increasing your frustration or anger, only makes it more likely that your driving concentration will be adversely affected.

When other people’s bad driving leads to an accident

In case this should ever happen to you, with a result being that your vehicle needs to spend time in a repair shop, keep our Not My Fault contact number at hand: 1800699034. Under Australian law, if you are not at fault, then you are entitled to an accident replacement car to keep you on the road and your life on track. Our expert team here at Australia’s No.1 car accident replacement service are ready to help…