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Sadly, speeding remains a major cause of both road traffic accidents and fatalities in Australia. While most drivers would probably appreciate what a potential danger driving at speed is, it’s also true that almost all drivers, however infrequently and unintentionally, do exceed the speed limit.

Why do drivers speed?

There are a variety of reasons why this happens. Let’s look at some of the most common…

– Speeding can simply become a habit

Some drivers tend to operate on autopilot; it’s their normal behaviour. Often, they may not be fully aware of their actual speed.

– Speeding matches behavioural tendencies

You’ll recognise people who fall into this category. These are individuals who are always up against time pressure, or feel that they are. Their lifestyle is more chaotic than controlled. Speeding simply becomes an extension of that. They believe that driving faster than they should helps them catch up, but of course it rarely does!

– A motivation to speed

This is caused by the pressure of outside factors, either positive or negative. An example of the latter could be the salesperson who is late for an important client meeting. For the former, it’s the family who don’t want to miss the kick-off at a sporting event.

– Complying with expected behaviour

Here, a driver might find themselves in a situation where many other motorists are exceeding the limit. They simply fit in with the crowd. Another possibility is having an assertive passenger – whether regularly or as a one-off – who encourages or even demands that the driver increases their speed.

Understanding the possibilities can help you assess whether you fall into one of the above categories – and how frequently. With this knowledge, you can then decide how to amend your own behaviours.

It’s still possible to be an innocent accident victim

Whether due to speed, or other factors, it’s still possible to be the victim of an accident that is not your fault. In such circumstances, under Australian Law, you are entitled to a replacement courtesy car, if yours in a repair shop. Should this happen to you, contact our Not My Fault team as soon as possible and set us to work on your behalf…