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If you’ve recently been given an accident replacement car, the first thing you might do is marvel at how clean it is. Your car, off for repairs, might be embarrassingly untidy and you might wonder how you can keep yours as spick and span as the courtesy hire car.

Modern living can be stressful and many of us struggle to find the time to keep our cars clean. Not to worry, there are a few simple steps to help keep yours looking spotless.

Car cleaning routine

The first thing to do is to set yourself a weekly routine. That’s right — weekly! Many people often wait for their cars to be visibly filthy before bringing out the rubber gloves. By delaying cleaning, you make the chore more strenuous.

Choose two days of the week and set aside ten to twenty minutes. Break your routine into two sections:

o Interior

o Exterior


o Remove any items left inside your car, e.g. that jacket you left behind, letters, children’s toys.

o Dispose of takeaway wrappers, containers and cups.

o Dust the interior windows and mirror.

o Do a quick clean of any crumbs or dirt. Invest in a portable vacuum. There are many affordable options on the market. Don’t rely on the vacuums at petrol stations, you’ll probably be heading somewhere when stopping at one and likely be pressed for time.

o Replace the car’s air freshener if required.


o This is the big job. Fill a bucket with water and add car wash liquid according to the bottle’s instructions. With a sponge, clean the main surfaces, begin at the top and work your way down. This is best done in the shade, so the water doesn’t dry quickly and leave unwanted watermarks. Rinse and dry.

o Next, focus on the glass. Using appropriate cleaning products ensure windows and mirrors are clean, dry, and dirt free.

o Carry out a basic safety check, e.g. checking tyres, changing the oil if required. You can find an extensive list online or from your local car dealership.

Remember a regular cleaning routine will make the job easier, you’ll be surprised how simple maintaining the appearance of your car can be when the job is broken up into a weekly routine.