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One of the most vulnerable times to behind by the wheel of your car is during a long road trip. While the adventure seems exciting, usually these trips involve lengthy stints on foreign roads, driving all hours, longer than you would on a normal day. Accidents can happen, especially ones where you are not at fault.

Before you begin your road trip, it’s essential to prepare your car for whatever may happen. In this article, we take you through everything you need to check and review before you leave home, and why this preparation allows you to focus on the journey whilst safeguarding you in the event of anything bad happening!

Check Your Tyres

More than ever your car’s tyres are going to be tested during a road trip. However, this isn’t the time you want to discover you have a slow leak, a puncture, or bald tyres. Before you leave, ensure you have checked the pressure and condition of your tyres, and replace any that are in poor condition. This is also the case for your spare, which also needs checking and replacing if necessary.

Service Your Car

If your car is due for servicing, now is the time to do it. Long road trips and the extended use of the car can exacerbate longstanding issues, so it’s vital to have your car checked by a professional before you embark on your drive. Consider doing this even if your car isn’t due for service; finding out your car has a major issue whilst stranded on the side of the road isn’t ideal, and can lead to greater costs to get the car towed and fixed.

Check The Safety Features Of Your Car

The mechanics of your car aren’t the only aspects you should be checking before you leave. When on the road, anything can happen, and you want to ensure that you and your passengers are as safe as possible and adequately prepared for any not at fault car accident. Check the safety features of your car by reviewing your seat belts, airbags, and breaks are all working as they should be. For small infants, check the car seat is fixed properly to the car and installed the right way for your child’s size.

Check your insurance

You don’t get in the car with the intention of having an accident, however, this, unfortunately, doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Many people claim on their car insurance for a not-at-fault accident, after someone has hit them, resulting in the need for an accident replacement vehicle, and even medical attention. During your long trip, you don’t want to be caught out by not having access to a replacement vehicle, so check the specifics of your car insurance before you leave, understanding what you are covered for in case of an emergency.

Accidents can happen on your road trip; if you are involved in a not my fault accident, contact Not My Fault to organise your accident replacement rental car.