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For the lucky few who haven’t endured a not-at-fault accident, you won’t know exactly how the process works until the event happens to you. When faced with organising an accident replacement vehicle, you will no doubt have many questions about what will happen, what your entitlements are, and where the process will take you. To dispel any myths or confusions, we answer your frequently asked questions specifically about not-at-fault car accidents and accident replacement vehicles, giving you the confidence to continue your life after this experience.

Am I entitled to an accident replacement vehicle?

Not everyone is entitled to an accident replacement vehicle through their insurance, unfortunately. Though most people have the option to add this condition to your insurance policy, many choose not to, assuming this issue won’t relate to them. However, once you experience a not-at-fault accident, you’re unlikely to be able to add this policy extra to cover your current accident. If you can, it’s an essential addition to you will need immediately.

How long can I have a replacement vehicle for?

Most people assume there are set periods for using an accident replacement vehicle, but this isn’t usually the case. Most cars are available to you for the duration of your car’s repairs, and this time frame is often dependant on the specific damage, how much damage has occurred, and who is responsible for the repairs. Every policy is different, however, so we always advise checking with your insurer about your specific entitlements for your length of use.

When should I call my insurance about my accident?

It’s common for most people to wait a couple of days after their car accident to make their claim with their insurer, and while you may need a few days to recover, the quicker you claim, the better. Initial delays can cause you to wait longer for repairs to begin and access your accident replacement vehicle. Most insurers want specific details about the accident and waiting can cause you to forget or question your memory of specific details.

Can I use my accident replacement vehicle for work?

Unfortunately, car accidents can happen during work hours, or during your travels to and from work. If you require your vehicle for transportation to your workplace, your accident replacement vehicle can be used for your daily trips. However, if your work vehicle is damaged and is paid for by your employer, you will need to discuss your options with them. You won’t personally need to organise a replacement vehicle, as this is usually the responsibility of the employer, especially for branded cars.