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Don’t panic! Imagine you have been involved in a traffic accident that was not your fault. The good news is that you have suffered no more than minor injuries. However, you are standing beside your car, assessing the damage. It’s quite clear that it’s going to need a visit to a repair shop and will be out of commission for a period of time.

What does this mean for your life?

Apart from getting to and from work, you might have kids to ferry to sports practice or to their other hobbies. Perhaps you had planned a weekend break to the coast or the mountains. Your elderly parents might rely on you to take them to medical appointments or to collect their weekly shopping. Thinking of all these scenarios simply adds to the stress and anxiety of the accident itself. Which brings us to that moment of panic…

That one thing not to do!

In the circumstances described above, some people immediately obtain a hire vehicle, with all the up-front and ongoing costs this leads to. They hope that their outlay can be reclaimed later. Even if it can, a fair amount of time is likely to have passed.

The action you should take

Make a note of this number: 1800 699 034. After a not your fault accident, use it to contact our experienced Not My Fault team. Why? Because, under Australian Law, you are actually entitled to a courtesy replacement car after an accident that was not your fault. The cost will be covered by the insurers of the person who caused the accident.

Keeping you on the move

This replacement vehicle should be similar in size to your own – no substituting a compact for a saloon – allowing you to carry on with your life as you normally would. We can even deliver it to the repair shop where you leave your own vehicle and pick it up from the same location when the repairs are complete. An Excess Waiver is also included.

So, here’s our Not My Fault number again: 1800 699 034. Store it in your mobile device now, and reach for it if that unfortunate not your fault accident ever happens…