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Being in a car accident is scary, but knowing that the accident was not your fault can be an advantage and help you get back on the road with an accident replacement car. Finding out if you were in a not your fault accident can open up doors of opportunity and support during this stressful process. Find out if your car accident was not your fault below.

Did the other driver admit it was their fault?

Often times, the easiest way to know if it was a not your fault accident is if the other driver admits it was their fault. This saves time and money and can help you secure courtesy car hire.

Did you have right of way?

One of the biggest tell-tale signs of a not your fault accident is who had right of way. Driving can become second nature years after securing a licence, but it can leave people forgetting essential road rules. Knowing you had right of way can help you make a not your fault car accident claim.

Common questions you can ask yourself to determine if you had right of way are:

• Was my traffic light green?
• Did they fail to stop at a stop sign?
• Should they have given way to me at a roundabout?
• Was I meant to give them priority at the intersection?

Were you paying attention?

The greatest cause of car accidents is not paying attention or misjudging when you are distracted. Numerous combinations of events can lead to a loss of concentration, which in turn can cause a minor or major car accident. Proving that you were paying attention in the seconds leading up to the car accident can help you determine that you were involved in a not your fault accident and leave you with much needed support.

Ask yourself if you were distracted by any of the following:

• Using your mobile phone
• Being under the influence
• Putting on make-up
• Eating
• Feeling fatigued
• Talking to any passengers

If you believe you weren’t at fault and would like more information on not my fault car hire, contact the team at Not My Fault today.